I-2D MAX-wt


Glass diagonal 555 mm

Beautiful view of the flaming fire

1410 kg of accumulative material

Accumulation 46 kWh

225 CZK saved

after each load



10-year for stone

Accumulation soapstone stove I-2D MAX-wt

Two nearly identical sides with a pass-through firebox. Separate the side for loading once and for all. 2D Stove variant offers completely new options in regards to the placement of the stove in your interior.

Model variation: I-2D MAX, I-2D MAX Top, I-2D MAX wt

Total weight1510kg
Fireplace width350mm
Log size330mm
Flue diameter150-200mm
Variant of the upper flue connection (TOP)Yes
Energy ClassA+
Combustion efficiency89%
Weight of storage material1410kg
Total heat accumulation46kWh
Batch of wood for maximum accumulation14kg
Average radiant power of the stove1.5kW
Heat radiation in time100 % = 5.6hours
50% 50 % = 19.1hours
25% 25 % = 30.7hours
Heated area35-100m2

Declaration of performance I-2D MAX-wt

Energy Label I-2D MAX-wt